New Jars for Sichuan Pickling


Thanks to a friend who kindly hand carry the jars all the way from China. It’s close to impossible to source the jars locally in Australia. I guess this old fashioned way of pickling has become a random hobby of mine and rarely do people share the same passion in Sydney.

I just set them up yesterday and it takes 10 days to see the result. The longer they are in the brine the tastier they are.  I will keep you posted on the result.

For the how to, check out my Traditional Sichuan Pickling Method.


After 10 days, the result is DELICIOUS… TaDaLah (doing a little dance).

A little too salty for my liking so I rince it with a bit of cold water, then add a bit of sugar (yes I have sweet tooth), some chilli oil and a dash of sesame oil. From now on, I can have pickles whenver I want. Woop woop

Also, the first pot took takes 10 days, annd the 2nd one onwards would take less and less time because the base is already there with loads of lactic acid (probiotics).



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