Crumbed pork chop


This is a wonderful dish that can be prepared one day early for BBQ.

Pork chops 3
Garlic 3 cloves (Finely chopped)
Ground five spice 1t
Sugar 1T
Soy sauce 2.5t
Egg 1
Tapioca starch 1 cup (can substitute with bread crumbs and flour instead)
Vegetable or peanut oil 1.5 cup

  1. Marinate the pork chops with soy sauce, garlic, Five spice powder, sugar. 
  2. Cover in a bowl or container and leave in the fridge over night. (or a few hours)
  3. Beat the egg and place in a deep platel.
  4. Place the tapioca powder in a deep plate separately.
  5. Use a toothpick and prick the pork chop (for easy frying and better presentation so it doesn’t curl up)
  6. Heat the fry-pan with oil; dip the pork chop lightly into the tapioca starch (flour) then straight into the egg and back to tapioca starch (bread crumbs) for the 2nd coating.
  7. Fry the pork chop for 2 min on one side and flip over to the 2nd side for another 4 min. (depends on how thick the pork is)
  8. Put it aside to drain the oil.
  9. Serve with salad, rice or enjoy as it is.

* You can pan fry the pork chop without the tapioca starch. Simply omit the egg and starch. 


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