Chicken & Fennel Soup


What you need:

2 to 3 Fennel (trimmed and chopped)
1.5 kg Chicken
1 Onion
4 cloves Garlic
3 sticks Celery
1T Black Peppercorns
1T White Peppercorns
3 Bay Leaves
1t Fennel seeds
1T tomato purée
400g Orzo (Risoni)
1 bunch Flat-leave Parsley (chopped)

To serve:
2T flat-leave parsley
1T Harissa
Extra virgin olive oil
Bread roll

Place all stock ingredients (except half of the fennel, fennel seeds, tomato purée, Orzo till later) into a saucepan, submerged all under water. Bring to boil and skim any foam. Simmer for 2 hours.

Remove from the heat. Strain the stock into another saucepan; and remove bones and skin of the chicken, put the meat back to the stock.

Add the other half of fennel(sliced finely) tomato purée, fennel seeds, Orzo into the stock. Simmer till Orzo is cooked.

Served with parsley, harrisa sprinkled on top with a bread roll.


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