Spicy Lamb Cutlets (Cindy’s Middle Eastern version)


5 lamb cutlets
1 onion (sliced)
1 zucchini (sliced)
1t yellow mustard seeds
1/2 black mustard seeds
Dash of salt or soy sauce

Lamb marinate:
1t Ground cumin
1t Kashmiri Chilli powder
1T olive oil
1t Ground coriander
Dash of salt

Marinate lamb cutlets with spices for 15 min, massage thoroughly onto the lamb.

Grilled lamb to your serving preference.
Medium rare – 3 min on one side, then 2 min on the other (though depend on the heat)

Heat a bit of oil in a fry pan, add onion and sauté till soften and slightly brown, add mustard seeds and zucchini, cooked till zucchini is ready.
Served with the cutlets.


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