Pan fry perfect gyoza (cooking trick)


Have you ever wondered why the gyoza in the restaurant are always panfried perfectly? I’m letting out a secret here. The fail proof way to have a gorgeous looking, thoroughly cooked gyoza with the lovely crusty bottom that almost look like a bird’s nest.

What you need: Flat fry pan with a lid / Corn starch 1.5 t / Cold water 1/2 Cup / Cooking oil

  1. For 6 gyoza, heat up 1 T of oil in a flat fry pan.
  2. Lay the gyoza side by side into the pan, pour in the corn starch solution (pre mix corn starch with cold water). DO NOT TRY TO FLIP OR MOVE the gyoza around. Leave them as they are and put the lid on.
  3. Turn the heat down to medium, cooked till the corn starch is thoroughly reduced and looking crusty. 
  4. Cup the plate on to the pan, and flip the gyoza upside down onto the plate. Ready to serve.

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