Sambal Kemiri (Cindy’s style)


This chilli paste is versatile and can be served as a condiment to go with radish cake, yum cha dim sim, spread on bread or accompany rice.

It can also be used as a base, simply stir fried any proteins (seafood, chicken, beef).

Or use it as a curry paste by adding some coconut milk and it’d be a delicious Malaysian style curry.


40 Bird’s eye chilli
5 Green long chilli
1 Capsicum (red)
1 Red onion
10 Echallot
20 cloves Garlic
2 Stalks lemongrass
10t Chilli powder
6t Tumeric powder
15 Candle nuts
2T Shrimp paste (oven roasted)
2 lime juice
1 cup Palm sugar

Food processor needed

  1. Chopped everything into smaller pieces (chillies, onion, garlic, lemongrass, candle nuts) and process in batches.
  2. Heat up a fry pan with a bit of oil and start frying the mix till it’s cooked thoroughly. 
  3. Add chilli powder, tumeric powder, shrimp paste, lime juice and palm sugar to taste.
  4. Slowly reduced the sambal till it turns into paste like.
  5. Sambal belacan is ready and wait till it’s totally cooled down before it can be jarred. Freeze it would prolong the consumption life. Once the jar’s opened, please consume within 1 week.


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