Tender Powdery Steam Pork (粉蒸肉)


Pork Belly (or shoulder, ribs even beef)  200g
Taro (or sweet potato, pumpkin) 100g
Shallots (chopped finely) 10g
Minced Ginger  20g

Rice Steam Powder 3T  (ref to Intro to Sauces)
Chilli Bean Sauce  2T
Sugar 1T
Sesame 1T
Soy Sauce 1t
Sweetened Soybean Paste 1t
Rice Wine 1t

  1. Prepare the meat into 0.2 cm slices & have taro cut into small cubes
  2. Mix all the ingredients with the marinate sauce for at least 10 min
  3. Pack point 2 into a bowl tightly
  4. A rice cooker can be used to steam the dish by adding 3 bowls of water / or you can use the traditional steamer. (roughly 30 min, or till the meat’s cooked thoroughly)
  5. Decorate with some extra shallots or coriander. Done




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