Coriander Chicken

Apart from Chicken & Dill Curry, I’ve tried this version and love it. For those who have the basic spices in the pantry, it’s a simple dish and hardly take any time for a week day dinner.

What you need: 
1 bunch Fresh Coriander Leaves 
1 Tbsp Curry Leaves 
2 Green Chillies 
1 handful Cashew Nuts 
750g Chicken (I use mix of chicken thigh & boneless drumsticks) 
1tsp Cumin Seeds
2tsp Coriander Seeds (crushed with pastel & mortar) 
1Tbsp Ginger & Garlic paste

1 Cup Natural Yogurt 
1/2 Tbsp Turmeric Powder 
Pinch Salt 
1 tsp Garlic & Ginger paste 

(Marinate the chicken for 1 to 2 hours)

1. Blend curry leaves, coriander leaves, green chilli & cashew nuts in a food processor 

2. Heat some oil in a deep pan, add cumin seeds, coriander seeds, ginger garlic paste until aromatic.
Then add the blend mix of coriander, sautéed until the cashew nut releases some oil & pasty. 

3. Add chicken in and simmer until cooked. Stir occasionally. Taste for season.


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