Taiwanese Braised Pork Belly


What you need:
A deep pan with lid
Approx. 700g Pork Belly
2~3 Shallots (aka Green Onion) – cut in half roughly
(Optional)A few Eschallots (small red onions) or a big onion Sliced – chopped roughly
5~6 Cloves of Garlic (smashed in chunks)
A big knob of Ginger (sliced into big pieces)
3 Tbsp Aged Soy Sauce (preferably for braising)
2 Tbsp Brown sugar
1 Tbsp Rock sugar
1.5 Tbsp Rice wine
3 Star Anis
1 Tbsp vegetable / peanut oil
Optional)A few fresh chilli or chilli powder
1.5 L Water

1. In a deep pot, boil 1.5L of water. Chop the whole piece of pork belly in half. Boiled the belly for approx. 5 min. Take the pork belly out of the pot and let it cool. (as the picture above suggested) Chop it into smaller square pieces (about the size of your thumb or smaller)

2. Heat the oil in a deep pan, add brown sugar to caramalise. Then place the pork pieces into the pan, coat them properly for 2 min. Add ginger, eschallots, soy sauce, followed by 1 cup of water. Place the lid on till boiling.Followed by adding star anise, rice wine , garlic, shallots. Stir properly. Cover and cooked for further 50 min ~ 1 hour(or to the texture of your preference; personally I like it rather tender).

3. When the right texture is reached. Add rock sugar in and simmer for a further 10 min. This process would add shine and coat the meat beautifully for the finishing touch.

4. Served with extra shallots chopped finely if you wish. Happy eating 🙂


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